If you have any questions about the CCP or our services, please look through the FAQs below.  If you don’t find an answer, please stop by to see us, schedule an appointment, or call us at 276-8983. You can also email the Assistant Director, Jason Coley, at coleyj@rpi.edu, or the Director, Barbara Lewis, at lewisb2@rpi.edu.


Where is the CCP?

What happens in a conference?

Does the center provide assistance to multilingual students?

How long does a conference last?

Is there a page limit?

Can the Center help me with a speech or oral presentation?

Will my professor be notified that I came to the Center?

How can I become a peer tutor in the CCP?


Where is the CCP?

The CCP is located on the first floor of the Folsom Library (the library entrance is on the second floor). Our space is to the left of the computer bar at the bottom of the stairs.  Look for the “Keep Calm and Write On” poster. From the elevator: turn right, the center will be on your right.

What happens in a conference?

In a standard conference, you and the tutor will discuss the assignment, including any expectations, the intended audience, formatting etc. Then you and the tutor will read through the piece, out loud or silently, depending on your preference. You will work together on issues you feel are most important:  readability, clarity, structure, organization, support of ideas, etc. This is the basic process, but remember, each conference is different, just as each writer and assignment is different.

Does the center provide assistance to multilingual students?

Yes.  Our consultants are trained to work with multilingual students and to help explain typical difficulties with English writing or speaking. They are not language teachers, but are happy to help with oral presentations, grammar, vocabulary, native English idioms, etc.

How long does a conference last?

Conferences are scheduled for 30- or 60-minute appointments.  However, the conference last about 25- to 50-minutes, respectively.  This allows the tutors to complete necessary reflective paperwork and prepare for the next conference.  If you plan to split one project over more than one visit, you may want to request the same consultant through our scheduler, so they are familiar with the work.

Is there a page limit?

No, there is no page limit. We help students working on projects ranging from 1-2 page lab reports to lengthy graduate-level dissertations. Conferences are limited in time though, so if the whole assignment cannot be covered in one session, we advise you to schedule a second or third appointment on another day, leaving time in between conferences to do some revising on your own.

Can the Center help me with a speech or oral presentation?

Yes, our consultants have training in PowerPoint presentations and can offer feedback on delivery as well as content and organization. We have a designated presentation room available in which you can rehearse your presentation, alone or with a consultant. You also can choose to work exclusively on the visual portion of the presentation.  The presentation room can be reserved on the scheduler.  Otherwise, the room is for first come, first served.

Will my professor be notified that I came to the Center?

If a visit to the CCP is required for your class, or your professor has offered extra credit for attending a conference in the Center, we will be happy to notify your professor. Otherwise, your visit to the Center will be kept confidential. The records we keep are for statistical purposes only.

How can I become a peer tutor in the CCP?

Contact Dr. Barbara Lewis (lewisb2@rpi.edu), Director of the Center for Communication Practices, for information on how to become a tutor in the Center.


The CCP resides on the first floor of the Folsom Library next door to the ALAC tutoring space.

Contacting the CCP

Lower Level, Folsom Library
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY 12180

Hours of Operation

Mon - Thu 10AM-5PM AND 7 - 9 PM
Fri 10AM-1PM
Sun 7 - 9 PM
Closed Saturday
NEW Evening Hours
Sun - Thurs 7 - 9 PM

If you need help, you can email the Director, Dr. Barbara Lewis, at lewisb2@rpi.edu

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